Victory College

Christian Ethos

At Victory College our approach to education is underpinned by our Christian ethos. Our aim is to prepare our students to live purposeful lives and we do this by educating students in Christian Studies as well as undertaking programs of service and cultural celebration.

All members of our school community can explore and celebrate faith within a supportive Christian environment. Through our chapel services, Christian Studies curriculum, pastoral care, and mission programs, students develop an understanding of Christian values and what they bring to their approach in life.

We value the understandings of loving God and loving one another, and of being whole-heartedly committed to social justice, community service, and compassionate leadership.

We also acknowledge, respect and celebrate the diversity of all individuals and their cultures, embracing all people as vital and valued members of society.

The College provides an education that engages the body, soul and spirit, encouraging students to embrace academic, physical, creative, spiritual, emotional and social endeavors.

Our College purposefully promotes a commitment to the service of others and a responsibility for the environment.

While we are a Christian College, we uphold the values of freedom and choice by respecting the rights of all people to live by other faiths. All members of our community accept that we lovingly commend the Christian faith to our students and that we encourage each other through prayer and support to be followers of Jesus Christ.