Victory College

Our Crest

The Victory College crest is part of our heritage and a strong symbol of the essence of our College. It reflects the heart and purpose of our school and is proudly worn by our students.

The cross in the foreground represents our firm Christian foundation. Looking past the cross, the soft rays of the sun in the background depict both the divine inspiration that is needed to understand God’s truth, as well as our quest to provide inspirational teaching to our students.

Further down, viewers get a glimpse of the local area surrounding Gympie: the blue representing the Mary River; the green representing the rural areas surrounding our town; and the yellow representing the beautiful beaches of our Cooloola Coast. The gum leaves at the bottom of the shield represent our local vegetation.

Finally, three of our shared core values were included on the banner at the bottom of the crest, reminding us all to honour, serve and strive for excellence at all times.