Victory College


    There are five components to the fee structure comprising:

    1. Tuition Fees
    2. Compulsory Charges, Workbooks and Consumables
    3. Text Book Fee (Secondary College Only)
    4. Elective Subject Charges
    5. Discounts

    Tuition Fees

    YearTerm CostAnnual Cost
    Year 1$737.72$2,950.88
    Year 2$737.72$2,950.88
    Year 3$737.72$2,950.88
    Year 4$737.72$2,950.88
    Year 5$737.72$2,950.88
    Year 6$737.72$2,950.88
    Year 7$737.72$2,950.88
    Year 8$808.11$3,232.42
    Year 9$858.94$3,435.75
    Year 10$858.94$3,435.75
    Year 11$937.14$3,748.57
    Year 12$937.14$3,748.57

    Compulsory charges, workbook & materials

    Year 1$598.59
    Year 2$592.08
    Year 3$714.60
    Year 4$709.40
    Year 5$846.25
    Year 6$898.37
    Year 7$1,077.85
    Year 8$1,064.81
    Year 9$852.37
    Year 10$870.62
    Year 11$818.48
    Year 12$733.76

    Text book hire levy Years 7 – 12

    $143.35 per annum, per student payable in the first term

    Elective subject charges Years 9-12

    Years 9 – 10 $208.53 per year

    Years 11 – 12 $312.80 per year

    P&F contribution

    $100.00 per family, per year with the option to work off during P&F events.


    Year payment discount

    Pay the full year’s account by the end of Term 1 and you will receive 10% off the tuition portion of fees.

    Sibling discount

    2 student family will receive a $500.00 discount per year for each family

    3 student family will receive a $1,320.00 discount per year for each family

    Further discounts apply for additional students. Please contact our office for more information

    Student Yearbook

    $25.00 each

    Bus Fees

    1 Student: $767.56  |  2 Students: $1,056.78  |  3+ Students: $1,390.50

    Optional building fund donation – Tax deductible

    Contribution to this fund is a personal choice. This donation is 100% tax-deductible and greatly appreciated!

    Victory College Fees Schedule


    Direct Debit through School EasyPay

    School EasyPay is our preferred method of direct debit.

    To make College fee payments more convenient we offer payment plans tailored to parent needs.

    Below is a Parent Registration form to complete and return to College Reception.


    Victory College EasyPay Form