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New student leaders appointed for 2017

Friday, 02/12/2016 Posted by: Victory College

The 2017 student leaders for Victory College were announced at the 2016 Awards Night held on 4 November at the Gympie Show Pavilion.

Students were selected based on their all-round contribution to the College and their performance in their nomination speech.

Primary College Captains are:

Jaquelyn Pekar (Faith)

Harriet Taunton-Burnet (Service)

Cody Bernard (Community)

Senior College Captains are:

Anneke Harries (Faith)

Jade Elkington-Harris (Community)

Jon Cantillana (Service)

Prefects are:

Jack Brebner (Head Prefect)

Chloe Hutchinson

Aaron Brading

Jasmine Kunde

Courtney Emmerson

Brittany Skyring

Lachlan Roche