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Primary College Awards Ceremony 2020

Monday, 09/11/2020 Posted by: Victory College
primary school leaders 2020 and 2021

Congratulations to all the Primary College Award Winners! Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, we were unable to hold our traditional Awards Evening, however the students were still presented with their certificates of achievement in front of their peers within three seperate school assemblies. The major award winners for 2020 were:

PREP: Jed Alchin, Luka Hall, Lewis Kipping, Audrey Parker and Indiana Wright.

YEAR 1: Ariana Bazzan, Kaipara Chan, Archie Christensen, Laec Daly, Keeva Josefski, Paisley Wieland and Grace Wilkie.

YEAR 2: Anastasia Demchenko, Micah Hudson, Elizabeth Kipping, Will Reeman, Isla Rendell, Archer van Rensburg and Ariarn Wilson.

YEAR 3: Bella Blinco, Lexi Cranley, Emily Davis, Harmony Flyod, Lucas Ford, Jett Greig, Lucy Hughes, Thomas Keane, Harrison Kipping, Boston Lee, Alexander Lines, Xavier Lommerse, Patrick MacDonald, Pennie McCormack, Dalayla Moore, Brindy Taylor, Madison Walker, Hudson Walker and Henry Walsh.

YEAR 4: Jake Angle, Nash Bell, Asher Brown, Lexi Bull, Megan Clarke, Amitee Corbett, Tyler Ditzel, Cooper Drury, Benji Hansen, Lachlan Hudson, Mia Innes, Xander Livingstone, Amaya Madsen, Clayton Parker, Manav Patel, Arcani Phillips, Cassie Pontifex, Isabelle Reeman, Chase Rendell, Joshua Steele, Jimmy Watson and Riley Williams.

YEAR 5: Indiana Anderson, Lyla Birt, Cooper Brady, Amalia Bull, Samille Corbett, Michael Demchenko, Elle Dimmock, Jayden Eastwood, Ryder Gallaher, Oakley Hall, Toby Hawkins, Diesel Hume, Leila Humphrys, Ruby Johnson, Lillian Keane, Ephraim McAllister, Victoria McLaren, Charlotte Neil, Maddie Pritchard, Summer Robbins, Ava Sheard, Tai Simon, Summah Start, Blake Templeton and Liam Vlies.

YEAR 6: Peace Aitofi, Dana Anderson, Mia Blacket, Tegan Brigg, Elliana Brown, James Chaille, Hannah Cruickshank, Chelsea Elliott, Ella Fraser, Abby Hargreaves, Hayley Howorth, Jake Hudson, Max Ketterer, Zoe Kingsley, Isaac Martin, Jackson May, Amity McIntosh, Riley McPherson-Ison, Mason Phillips, Chelsea Rendell, Zannah Schembri, Charlotte Sippel and Samantha Walker.

Christian Growth Award (P-2): Donovan Vaughan, McKenna Godsall, Flynn McIntosh, Ella Treasure, Anastasia Demchenko, Henry McLaren⁠⠀

Principal’s Award (P-2):  Lewis Kipping, Luka Hall, Laec Daly, Kiev Josefski, Isla Rendell, Bobbi-Tyla Keough⁠

Christian Growth Award (3-6):  Xavier Lommerse, Lexi Cranley, Jimmy Watson, Lexi Bull, Blake Templeton, Amalia Bull, James Chaille, Charlotte Sippel⁠

Sportsperson of the Year: Chase Rendell

Resilience Award: Asher Ostwald⁠

Hedy Stiller Exemplary Award: Amity McIntosh⁠⠀

Performing Arts Award: Samantha Walker

Faith & Service Award: Abby Hargreaves⁠

Primary Dux: Amity McIntosh⁠⠀

2020 Faith Captain: Chelsea Elliott⁠⠀

⁠2021 Faith Captain: Amalia Bull⁠⠀

⁠2020 Service Captain: Jake Hudson⁠⠀

2021 Service Captain: Samille Corbett⁠⠀

2020 Community Captain: Hannah Cruickshank⁠⠀

2021 Community Captain: Lily Keane⁠⠀

2020 Primary College Prefect: James Chaille⁠⠀

⁠2021 Primary College Prefect: Isaac Hansen