Victory College

Mission, Vision & Values

Victory College is guided by a strong mission, vision for the future and shared values between staff and students.

Our Mission is: We equip each student to live a purposeful life.

With regard to our mission, purpose is key. We are compelled by the universal appeal of the term “purpose”. Discovering and pursuing our God-given purpose is the key to a valuable and rewarding life. As a result we find meaning in belonging to something bigger than ourselves; we find satisfaction through the accomplishment of our highest potential; reward through positive relationships and caring and giving to others; and joy in having our life’s goals aligned with our gifts and talents.


Our Vision is outlined in our current 2021-2024 Strategic Plan as:

The Victory Vision is a school

  • with enrolments of 700 students in two streams
  • that places in the top 20% academic results of statistically similar schools
  • with an overall customer satisfaction score of 95% (4.75 out of 5)
  • that is a strategic partner in our local community

Our Values

Staff and students alike are also guided each day by our core values, which are:



Honour inspires high esteem and admiration; it should first be given and then pursued. We give honour to God, each other, our country, our College; we gain honour through courage, persistence, integrity, respect, determination, courtesy, resilience and confidence.



Service is an act of assistance inspired by Jesus’ servant ministry. It is a universal and timeless adhesive agent of human society and therefore paramount in raising citizens and leaders of our new generation. We practice it through benevolence, encouragement, collegiality, leadership, fairness and citizenship.



Excellence means being your best, being better tomorrow than you were yesterday, and matching your practice with your potential. We value excellence by appreciating quality and beauty, potential and talent, passion and vitality, gratitude and joy.


Faith is being certain of our promise of salvation through Christ Jesus. It generates hope, love, kindness, compassion, godliness, faithfulness, forgiveness, mercy, humility, self-control, diligence and patience.



Understanding develops when perception, thinking and judgment is brought into alignment with truth. It is fostered by a love of learning, curiosity and open-mindedness. It provides the basis for common-sense, creativity, innovation, perspective, and ultimately, wisdom.