BYOD Self-Enrolment

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Enrolling your devices with Victory College is an easy process that allows you to get access to the College’s secure Microsoft InTune program, including email, files, and other school resources. This is true for both Windows and Apple macOS/iOS devices. Enrolling your devices helps secure this access for both you and the College, and helps keep your work data separate from your personal data.

What does enrolling my device mean?

When you enrol a device, you are letting College IT staff manage your device to help keep school data secure. It permits them to do things like; reset your device if it is lost or stolen to secure your data, remove only College-related files and apps, set requirements on your device (i.e. requiring you to have a device password or PIN to help protect school data), etc. Once enrolled, the BYOD device will automatically connect to the College network and receive BYOD software. Nothing further is required from you.

What does InTune do?

  • Enables Wi-Fi Connectivity to the College network
  • Enables students as well as Victory College IT staff the ability to remove the device from InTune
  • Enables students the ability to ‘factory reset’ a lost or stolen device
  • Provides information on applications installed through Intune
  • Provides some information such as username, device serial number, device name, model, manufacturer, OS name, and version

What does InTune not do?

  • Does not monitor student use of the BYOD device
  • Does not track a student’s location
  • Does not provide information on personal software applications
  • Does not allow the removal of personal software applications

For more information, contact the Victory College IT Department.

Enrol your device

Enrol your Windows or macOS device by following the installation guides below to continue.

Optionally, manual installation of the network security certificates can be performed by the IT department.

For Windows

  1. Click the “Windows” button below, then select ‘Open’ when prompted
  2. Enter your school email address, then select ‘next’
  3. Enter your school password, then select ‘sign in’
  4. Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ based on your preference to remaining signed in
  5. You are now enrolled in the Victory College Intune service

For MacOS

  1. Click the ‘MacOS’ button below and wait for the download
  2. Run the ‘companyPortal-Installer.pkg’ file that has just downloaded to install
  3. Follow the instruction to install the Company Portal App
  4. Load the app from Finder or the launchpad
  5. Sign into the app using your school email credentials
  6. Select ‘Begin’ then continue
  7. Select ‘Download profile’
  8. Review profile and install
  9. Complete the company portal install
  10. Select BYOD student
  11. Installation is now complete
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