Victory College


At Victory College we focus on teaching and learning as the most important aspect of our College’s operation. To us, a successful teaching and learning platform comes through integration and synergy in four key areas.

We endeavour to encourage and promote these four aspects in everything we do. They are:

Engaging student experiences

Students engage in learning when powerful pedagogy meets trusting relationships. Engaged students make a sustained mental investment in learning, accompanied by positive emotions such as enthusiasm, optimism, curiosity and interest.

Inspirational teachers

Inspirational teachers have to be inspired themselves. They develop an internal flame that stirs, excites and sets others on fire. They have a passion to teach, an encouraging mindset and are insistent in their high expectations for each student.

Wholesome environment

A wholesome environment promotes our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and inspires us to learn and grow. It should create a sense of belonging, of high standards, of tradition and of the modern world.

United community

A united community includes existing families and staff, alumni and friends of the college. It shares a sense of identity and an understanding of mutual goals. It partners to achieve the best for the students and to make a difference in this world.