Scholarships and Bursaries

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The Victory College scholarship program aims to encourage and recognise students in their pursuit of excellence. It is intended to provide students with financial support to further their education, or fulfil sporting aspirations, as well as reward achievement and effort.

The scholarships cover full or partial tuition fees/sporting costs to the successful applicant, depending on the scholarship and on how well the student meets the criteria of the scholarship. The scholarship selection committee makes decisions on who is awarded scholarships. Scholarships do not cover textbooks, uniforms, individual subject fees or any other fees or levies that are not tuition fees.

Scholarships will be offered for varying durations depending on the type of scholarship. All scholarships are subject to an annual review based on the student’s performance and commitment to his or her educational/sporting progress consistent with the scholarship guidelines and enrolment contract. This means that if the conditions of the scholarship continue to be met, the student retains the scholarship for its tenure or until the student leaves Victory College.


General scholarship conditions for students

All students who are offered a scholarship at Victory College, regardless of the scholarship type, must demonstrate the following qualities through the application process:

  • Exemplary character
  • Sharing the values of the College community
  • Integrity
  • Care and compassion for others
  • Personal responsibility

In order to remain eligible for a scholarship, each recipient must, in addition to specific scholarship conditions, consistently demonstrate the following requirements:

  • Exemplary conduct
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Consistent satisfactory academic performance
  • Active participation in sporting, cultural and co-curricular activities
  • Active involvement at school functions and events

Scholarship applications are due by 30th September and successful applicants are announced at the end of Term 4 that same year.



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