Victory College

Student Life

Students at Victory College enjoy attending school – in fact many enthusiastically enjoy Victory. There are many reasons for this including our spacious environment and modern facilities, the friendly atmosphere, the challenging curriculum and the generous co-curricular program on offer.

Students that complete Year 12 at Victory College gain more than a certificate of completion; they have grown and developed in so many areas and become well-rounded in their knowledge, capabilities and approach to life.

The Victory College day ensures students have adequate time for lessons, food breaks and play to ensure they maintain their health and wellbeing. The daily timetable for all students is:

Lesson 1 (PC) 8.50 – 9.05

Lesson 2 9.05 – 9.45

Lesson 3 9.45 – 10.25

Lesson 4 10.25-11.05

Morning Tea  11.05-11.45

Lesson 5 11.45-12.25

Lesson 6 12.25-1.05

Lunch 1.05-1.35

Lesson 7 1.35-2.15

Lesson 8 2.15-2.55

End of Day 2.55

At Victory College it is our aim to equip students to live a purposeful life by fostering their journey towards wholeness in mind, spirit, soul and body. In our current strategic plan we elaborate on each of these areas and how we will guide our students:


  • Enjoy learning
  • Value ability
  • Think critically
  • Understand deeply
  • Be creative
  • Communicate clearly


  • Grow in faith
  • Be reflective
  • Be ethical
  • Have noble values
  • Appreciate beauty in its many forms


  • Develop social and emotional skills
  • Honour others
  • Respect property
  • Communicate responsibly


  • Achieve personal bests in physical activities
  • Develop a wholesome body image
  • Live a balanced life