Students become well-rounded at Victory College

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Student life at Victory College is never dull. From challenging curriculum, exciting programs, engaging technology and a myriad of co-curricular opportunities, students have the ability to be exposed to something new and different every week.

Students that complete Year 12 at Victory College gain more than a certificate of completion; they have grown and developed in so many areas and become well-rounded in their knowledge, capabilities and approach to life.

This is due to a number of factors: Their exposure to caring teachers who guide and support them through their schooling journey. Their grasp of values and in turn establishing their own values and purpose in life. Their ability to nurture relationships and their connectedness to community and what this means in terms of contribution and service. And most importantly their ability to understand that the end goal is who you become, not what you become.


At Victory College it is our aim to equip students to live a purposeful life by fostering their journey towards wholeness in mind, spirit, soul and body.

Student Welfare/Student Welfare Team

This group of trusted people are the go-to team for students in need of help, advice, support or guidance.

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Social and Emotional Learning Program

Our You Can Do It! program helps students develop resilience, self-confidence and a sense of connection to their peers.

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Our School Chaplains lead Chapel Services each week and provide pastoral care to the College community.

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Camps and Outdoor Education

All students benefit from camps that challenge their mind and body.

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Exchange Program

Our Japanese sister school offers an Exchange program to our school enriching the lives of all students.

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House System

Students are allocated a house upon arrival at Victory and gain valuable camaraderie and team spirit by being a part of that house for their schooling years.

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