Victory College

Teaching Staff

Victory College is fortunate to have loyal and committed Christian teachers, many have taught at the school for several years.

Many students gain their inspiration from our teachers through the support and guidance they bring to their classrooms.

The teachers at Victory College are qualified, experienced and dedicated classroom and specialist teachers. They participate in annual performance and development cycles and weekly professional-learning team meetings and are expected to uphold our Code of Conduct at all times.

All staff continue to gain professional development and experience throughout the year to foster greater knowledge and skills in curriculum development and delivery. They take a genuine interest with students both in and out of the classroom and endeavour to personalise learning to meet student needs and capability levels.

Head of Primary – Damien Gainsford

Head of Secondary – Chris Andrews

Director of Lower Primary (Years P-2) – Emily Jensen

Director of Upper Primary (Years 3-6) – Rohan Fulker

Director of Middle Years (Years 7-9) – Elizabeth Thomas

Director of Senior Years (Years 10-12) – Laura Bagnall

Learning Enrichment Coordinator Secondary – Josh Walker

Learning Enrichment Coordinator Primary – Jasmine Parker

Chaplains – Amy Little & Joshua Truda

Library – Kathryn Hopson & Caroline Butcher

IT Department – David Garmeister IT Manager, Wayne Donald and Damien Adams

Secondary Teachers

Doug Aitofi

Laura Bagnall

Rhett Bowden

Alwyn Prinsloo

Elizabeth Braid

Scott Corry

Rebecca Emery

Kim Halter

Tayla Hanna

Patricia McManus

Bruce McAllister

Paul Martin

Julie Rosser

Brian Thomas

Elizabeth Thomas

Marie Witts

Mark Yeates

Geoff Young

Selwyn Gilmore

Ellen Smith

Prep and Primary Teachers

Racheal Belford

Tegan Berryman

Zoe Buma

Leith Corbett

Alyssa Hudson

Matt Hudson

Retha Ketterer

Danielle Klar

Rebecca Parker

Kayla Perugini

Elizabeth Taylor

Jessica Vernon

Craig Wilson

Sarah Wilson

Kindy Staff

Ester Lindstrom

Alicia Smith

Lyne Russell